How does earning traffic work?

To earn traffic, follow the instructions on the Earn Traffic page. Read more...

What are Minutes?

Minutes are credits used for delivering hits to your websites. Read more...

What are Hits?

Hits are the number of times your website has been viewed. Read more...

How do I get Minutes?

You can earn free Minutes by viewing other members' websites. Alternatively, you can purchase a Minutes package. Read more...

What is the HitLeap Viewer?

The HitLeap Viewer is software that is used to view the websites of other members. You will earn Minutes by doing so. Read more...

Can I run multiple HitLeap Viewers?

Yes, if you have access to multiple computers then you can run one instance of the HitLeap Viewer on each of them, assuming that they also have different IP addresses.

Do I have to run the HitLeap Viewer?

Since Minutes are automatically used to deliver hits to your websites, you don't have to run the HitLeap Viewer as long as you have available Minutes on your account balance.

How long does it take for me to receive my first Minutes?

It takes up to 15 minutes for your account balance to get updated with freshly earned Minutes.

When will I start receiving hits?

It takes up to 15 minutes for you to start receiving hits after submitting a website.

How do I check if the hits are delivered to my website?

You can shorten and submit your website through an intermediate tracker such as to see the statistics about received hits.

How do I earn money?

You can earn money from the purchases of members that you have referred to HitLeap. Read more...

How do I refer people?

You can refer people by sharing them your referral link displayed on the Referrals page. Read more...

What are Website Slots?

Each website you submit will reserve one Website Slot. Read more...

What are HitLeap Viewer Slots?

HitLeap Viewer Slots indicate the number of HitLeap Viewer instances you can run at the same time. Each HitLeap Viewer instance must have a different IP address.

How many hits do I get for my Minutes?

That depends on the visit duration that you have set for your website. Let's assume that you have submitted one website with a visit duration of 30 seconds. 1 Minute contains 60 seconds, so a visit duration of 30 seconds will get your website 2 hits.

What is the Visit Duration?

Visit Duration is the amount time that each visitor spends on your website.

How much website traffic can HitLeap deliver?

This depends on the availability of hits and the Daily Hits Limit you have configured for your website. You can increase the speed of hits by submitting the same website multiple times.

What is the Traffic Exchange Ratio?

The Traffic Exchange Ratio is the percentage of Minutes that you earn for the time you keep the HitLeap Viewer running.

What is the Traffic Source feature?

Traffic Source is how the origin of your traffic will look like. You can choose to receive Direct hits or enter a Custom URL to receive Referral traffic from the URL of your choice. Read more...

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